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CaNerDUH.com - BBS

Check out my BBS: bbs.canerduh.com
telnet: 23905
ssh: 22905

Terminal Programs

Since BBS's pre-date modern computers and Operating Systems often times it is difficult to get the text and "graphics" from them to render correctly. Fortunately there is software that makes this relatively simple and there are a few different options available.

NetRunner Mini Howto (for Windows)

Start by downloading NetRunner from the Link above and extracting the contents of the ZIP file to a separate folder of your choice.
for example:


Double-click netrunner.exe

Upon opening you should see a window that looks similar to below.

NetRunner Terminal Ready screen.

In order to connect we need to open the Directory. To do this press ALT + D or Right-click and select Directory from the menu.

Blank Directory

To add an entry, press the INSERT key on your keyboard or Right-Click and select Insert. Now you will be able to enter the information required to connect to a BBS. You can do this either by navigating the entries with the arrow keys on the keyboard or clicking on the entry with your mouse cursor.

Directory Record editor
Edited Record

Name - this is just a friendly name for the BBS. In this case it's CanerDUH BBS I also sometimes add small notes like (telnet) or (ssh) so I remember the connection protocol I'm using. More on that under protocol.

Address - This is the Address name or IP address of the BBS. it uses the format of [address]:[port]. So for this case it is: bbs.canerduh.com:23905. Some terminal programs have a separate field for port so you may need to keep that in mind if you're using a different application.

Type - this is the Internet protocol version used to connect. In most cases IPV4 will be fine. If you need to use IPV6, most likely that will be mentioned wherever you get the name and address of the BBS from.

The SysOp, Software, User Name, and Password fields are optional.

StatusBar - in most cases, set this to OFF as it often will interfere with the BBS ANSI graphics and can cause the menus to display incorrectly.

Colors - Your have the choice of iCE or Blinking. Most modern BBS BBS software supports iCE colors. But older BBS softwares will not support this format. iCE will mostly render correctly on these older softwares, the exception being that if they're using any Blinking ANSI graphics, those will not work until you change the setting to Blinking.

The rest of the settings can be left the same as the screenshot above.

Once you have finished entering all the information into this record, press the ESC key and select Yes.

Now you're ready to connect! Select the entry and press ENTER or click on it to start the connection process. Once you're connected you can start the login process or new user process.

Ready to connect!